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 Automatic carpet washing machine is a totally automated effective and durable carpet and rug washing solution achieving highest capacities. Equipped with 12 disc brushes, and 2 roll brushes – one of roll brushes both washes the rug and removes feather and dust off the rug surface, while other roll brush of the rug washing machine washes and cleans the bottom surface of the rugs and carpets.

We're ready to wash your carpets in muscat with the most advanced machinery

Carpet wash machine in oman  Carpet wash machine in muscat 

  • Advantages of automatic carpet washing machines:
  • Saves up to 80% on chemicals, water, detergent and labor
  • With the computer controlled system every and each square meter of carpets brushed equally
  • While the manual system carpet washing machines apply a pressure of 50 kg on the carpets, automated carpet washing machines apply 150kg of brushing pressure.
  • Hand washing machines, depending on how it’s used apply unbalanced pressure and leave a thin line on carpets after cleaning, automatic carpet cleaning machine’s brushes stay balanced and apply distributed loads on the tray, providing cleaning without leaving thin lines on carpets.
  • Hand washing machines rotate in the same direction, making carpet feathers become tilted. Automatic carpet cleaning machine has the feature of rotating brushes in different directions. This feature removes the dirt that may remain in the feathers of the carpets.
  • Water consumption of manual system washing machines could be less or more than needed, depending on the operator. On the automatic washing machine, dual staged pre- washing or rinsing could be done preferably. This feature could be selected on the PLC controlling unit.
  • Whether a carpet is lightly soiled or very dirty, the speed of a manual machine and the operator stays at a constant rate. Provided with PLC controlling unit, speed of the brushes or the machine itself can be adjusted in 40 different levels.
  • Operator of the manual washing machine’s attention can’t be same for 10 hours, however, automatic carpet washing machine can provide same standard quality of cleaning without time limitation.

    Carpet Drainer Centrifuge machine: With rinsing connection on the lid the rug/carpet wringing centrifuge machines rinse the carpets effectively and carpets dry up to 95% just in 2-3 minutes. Centrifuge wringer driers are the most effective, productive solution for large volume carpet and area rug rinse and dry tasks. As we can see, wringer centrifuges does not only provide convenient and efficient drying and rinsing of Rugs up to %95 only in a few minutes but also help increase the quality of rug cleaning while reducing the costs of labor and time waste. Freshly washed wet carpets are rolled and placed into the carpet wringing centrifuge (spin dryer) machines, through time adjusted role, in approximately 2-3 minutes carpet comes out five present humid. Then it requires to be left for drying for some hours before it is ready for delivering. Colors do not mix. Signs of folding does not occur. Centrifugal Wringer system allows carpets to come out like they are ironed. 

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