Terms and conditions

  • Please make the carpets rolled before our team arrives at your premises. Kindly, please do not fold the carpets.
  • The price for our services given to you over the phone / sms is subject to inspection of the job before work commences. When our technicians arrive at your premises they will inspect and measure the areas you have told us about. The technician will then inspect the carpet and stains before work commences.
  • The technician will also confirm the price with you before work commences.
  • Most of the time the price given over the phone does not change.
  • Normal spots and stains are included in the cleaning price. The technician will sometimes quote extra after inspection when there are difficult stain such as animal stain, odours, aged cordial, curry, rust stains and urine that require extra treatments.
  • Clients are kindly requested to inform technician any special stai n at the carpet. If not, the charges for second time washing shall be paid by clients
  • Since it's an automatic washing machine, we don’t accept hand-made carpets and silk.
  • We don’t accept carpets having fracture or hole. For the old and very dirty carpets, always there is a chance of rapture and rip during washing which should remain under responsibility of clients.
  • The delivery time would be two working days after pickup. Any delay due to harsh conditions of weather, extra treatment and possible machine stopping, shall be informed to client by phone/SMS.
  • The cost should be paid at the time of delivery to our technician and we are kindly requesting clients to be prepared.
  • Please read the above mentioned terms and conditions and sign the below.
  • Please keep the receipt with you to be handover to our delivery person.


Our Address

Phone: 91447120

Watsapp: 91447150
Working Hours: Saturday to Thursday

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sultanate Of Oman, Muscat, Mubeila Industrial Area